The Indie Sports Network is the vision of Robin Antonick, the original creator of the most popular sports game of all time – John Madden Football. Our mission? To upset the apple cart. To be a disruptive force in the sports gaming industry by taking the power of in-game content development away from the big publishers and handing it over to gamers. But that’s not all. ISN is giving gamers the ability to earn rewards for their creations through our landmark Indie Sports Market.

It takes a lot of creativity, time and effort to harness a vision, build a plan and manage it into a launch campaign. We are very appreciative of the contributions the group of talented, hard working members of our team have delivered. We could not make it this far without all of your contributions. The Indie Sports Network looks forward to building successful products that reach millions of satisfied gamers. Sports is, for the most part, a team effort and great teamwork means we will have every opportunity to compete and win in the sports category. After all it is what players want and what we make it!

Go Indie Sports!

Robin Antonick                                             Bob Lindsey
CEO and Co-Founder                                   President, COO and Co-Founder



Robin Antonick, Co-Founder & CEO of ISN

Robin Antonick has a long history of creative and disruptive thinking, with a focus on developing new experiences that empower and place the end-user at the center, whether related to games, real estate or media. A Software-as-a-Service pioneer in the early 80’s, Antonick established a new microcomputer business model that became a foundation for the sector while in his role as CEO, CMO and co-founder of DTL.

Antonick rose to fame as the creator of the highly successful John Madden Football game franchise, a perennial Top Ten Brand, for Electronic Arts while working at Chicago area-based Real Sports. He served as Design Director, CTO, COO and CEO during his 5-year tenure at the game studio, which boasted clients that included ABC Sports, the NFL, the Indianapolis Speedway, NASCAR, Disney, Intel, Microsoft, Warner Brothers and the rock band U2.

After his time in games, Antonick founded Profusion, a SaaS-based publishing and ecommerce business that matched buyers and sellers with real estate professionals. He then joined the Christian Science Monitor, the Pulitzer prize-winning media giant, as Chief Web Officer. He was tasked with new business development and the overarching Internet strategy that moved the organization from a print-based to web-based focus – a project that resulted in growing both revenue and reach, and turned the Monitor into one of the top-ranked news websites in the country.

Antonick is as interested in harnessing philanthropic efforts and giving back as he is about creating new and more efficient ways to do things – two passions he continues to pursue with his Harvard Masters degree in Management and Operations with a focus on disruptive innovation; and in his role as CEO and Chief Web Officer of MicroDoners – an Internet and publishing consultancy with an assembled board including Hilton and Nobel laureates, a three star general, a former Secretary of State and U.S. U.N. Ambassador to harness cell phone technology to mitigate illiteracy and hunger by connecting citizen journalism and ecommerce. It is Antonick’s long-term goal to use some of these same values and connections to help make a difference through the ISN.

Robert Lindsey, Co-Founder, President & COO of ISN

Bob Lindsey, is a career industry executive with more than 25 years in the video game business in software publishing, and with console makers. Originally with Warner Communications/Atari as Director of AtariSoft; Lindsey leveraged that hardware experience during a stint as Group Director of Marketing at Sega of America during the Genesis era, and The 3DO Company as SVP of Marketing and General Manager of Studio 3DO with the Multiplayer and M2 technologies.

Lindsey has been responsible for launching and building many industry leading franchises including Resident Evil, the Marvel Vs. Series, Mega Man, Devil May Cry and Onimusha:Warlords while SVP of Marketing and Sales at Capcom. Then as EVP at Eidos a Square Enix Company he led the resurgence of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Hitman and the first successful Batman product ever in the game business with Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Lindsey has held Board positions with the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB), both of which have significantly shaped industry policies, practices and standards. He earned a Silver EFFIE for his work with Goodby Berlin on the Sega Game Gear Business.